Ruina – his hood is good

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Borondo – fine me then pay me…


Original text from Borondo’s blog translated below

Whilst living in Madrid the city council fined me 3000 euros for a mural on the façade of an squat that less than a month later was demolished. Three years later Madrid City Council contacted me again, this time to offer me a similar amount to paint a mural as part of the “Paisaje Tetuán” project.

It does not take a genius to realize that for the past few years repression and unchecked police powers have come to be one of the characteristic features of the Spanish capital. After witnessing several truly grotesque scenes provoked by the forces of authority and knowing that new laws proposed by the government will further encourage this abuse of power, I decided to dedicate this mural to its sponsor, the Madrid city council, reflecting my feelings about it..From my point of view it weighs heavily upon the shoulders of the Madrid citizens.


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