No Camera?

I was in town with my wife and daughter the other day on our way to have lunch when I bumped into Comyk. He was surprised to see me without my camera. But it was just one of those times when I decided to leave it at home and enjoy the walls without anything getting in the way. Sometimes with the camera in hand it feels like the only thing that matters is the shot rather than the experience, but I still enjoy just seeing what’s going on in the streets, the surprise around the corner, the beef, even the buffing and for that I don’t need a camera. On this day although I didn’t return home with any photos on my memory card my head was full of images.

So in this entry there are no fotos, just the names of the writers & artists I saw. Enjoy!

Ruina, Sabek, Buni KR2, Nuria, Borris Hopek, Neko, Luce, Tumor, Hiber MTM, Daryk, Defo, Dulce, Rosh333, Modus, Til, Sue, Smak47, Chusky, Show, Wolf, Bloo and Titi, Mufasa Mordiscos, Mutants, Tal, Marca, Guos…..

PS Lunch was an Indian : )

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