Alberto de Pedro – remixed

Alberto is participating in a show which opens this Wednesday 28th March in the old post office building in Plaza de Cibeles. Alberto’s part is called Raw. If you are in Madrid be sure to check it out, the details are below.

I’m a massive fan of Alberto and have had the luxury to hit the streets with him. Here are some “new” photos with some remixed ones too.

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7 (Im-)Pertinentes 5Cs
Cuatro proyectos expositivos de 7 artistas que miran Madrid
a través de la fotografía

Raw. Alberto de Pedro y Raúl Cabello (Planta 3)

CentroCentro Cibeles de Cultura y Ciudadanía. 5Cs
Miercoles, 28 de marzo a las 20h. Plaza de Cibeles,1

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